Veneziana from Venice

VENEZIANA was born in Venice. The city of art, glass-art, and of so much that is beautiful and unique. The cradle of many superb handmade items.

VENEZIANA proposes lighting solutions that are customized and exclusive. Our products recall both classical choices and more modern ones, in terms of styles, forms and colours. Already in its early years, VENEZIANA specialized in creating very large chandeliers, oversized appliques and coordinated floor lamps. The contract sector has allowed the company to grow and match ourselves among international styles and realities.


The creations of VENEZIANA express the essence of Italian style, acknowledged worldwide for its high quality and sophistication.


Since its birth, VENEZIANA has stood out for products of undisputed craftmanship matched with innovative ideas, with both classic and modern themes.

“Industria VENEZIANA Lampadari” was established in Venice in 1968.
Over the years, the name was simplified into VENEZIANA, and became known worldwide for its creative designs and the high quality of its finished items.

Since the early ’90s, VENEZIANA developed a technical and design studio in-house to create high-level customized solutions.

Thanks to the experience and specific knowledge of ourdesigners, we acquired important contracts all around the world among prestigious clients. It was precisely by working on these international projects that VENEZIANA further developed its lighting concept and production techniques, while always upholding high craft content.



The experience gained in over fifty years of designing, of studying and working with the materials, and then of assembling the finished items, means we are excellently placed as a prime partner for international interior-design studios.



The chandeliers are created, assembled, electrified and checked at our facility, to then be disassembled and carefully packed, piece-by-piece, ready for dispatch and installation at any location in the world.

The collaboration with high-level architecture studios means we create turn-key projects with very large lighting creations designed especially for luxury hotels, cruise liners, yachts, theatres, villas and representational palaces and residences.